May 11, 2020     Post-Corona  



Blessings and peace,


After two months of the Studio being closed, we are returning!  Slowly and carefully and according to the "Purple Badge" requirements as of today:


- According to the guidelines:  1 dancer/student per 7 S"m: Studio #1 can hold up to 14 participants per class, Studio #2 can hold up to 9 participants per class.  Therefore:

Women classes: It is required of you to please register in advance for each class by way of the application "EZ Shape".  Please be sure to cancel your registration if you will not be able to come to class so that someone else can take your place.  

Girls & teens classes:  Please confirm your attendance with your teacher!  Large groups will be split between the two studios.  Additional groups will be created as needed. 


To download the App:  Search for EZ Shape in application store (red square) and download it to your phone.  For first time registration - scroll down and enter the same phone number that you gave us when you registered at the Studio.  Your information will be automatically updated.  Problems?  WhatsApp our front desk at: 052-502-6668.


- In order to prevent crowding between classes, the schedule of classes has been temporarily changed - there will be a 15 minute break between classes to allow everyone to exit the studio, and only then to allow entrance to the students for the next class.  It is important to wait outside the Studio (on the deck) and to maintain appropriate social distance.  Please note any changes!  All updates will be advertised on the application and the Studio website.


- Upon entering the Studio - in the outside foyer - you must:

a. Disinfect your hands with AlcoGel

b. Receive confirmation of your class registration by way of the application

c. Have your temperature taken (by a remote thermometer) by staff of the Studio

d. Sign a daily declaration of health as required by the Ministry of Health

e. Enter directly into the studio where class will be held - the floor is marked - one square for each student

f. Please place your personal items (purses, etc.) as follows: in Studio 1 on the stage, in Studio 2 along the wall near the sound system or on the stairs. The dressing room is closed until further notice.  

g. You must please bring your own personal exercise mat if needed, and your own bottle of water.  We will be selling mats starting May 15th.  There will be no more use of the cooler.


- You can move through the Studio without touching anything except at the bathrooms:  handles, door locks and hand-washing faucets.  It is requested to wash your hands for twenty seconds both before and after using the toilets.  In addition, these areas will be disinfected a number of times a day, in between the classes.


- According to the instructions at this time, all in the Studio must be wearing masks, excluding during the time of the class itself.  


- Payments for women: Membership subscriptions and Kartisiot "will thaw from the freeze" and will return to active as of May 10, 2020.  If you are among the high-risk population, please contact the front desk to either continue the freeze or to take the class live via Zoom.  


Payment for girls and teens: Amount owed for a month and a half (without the Pesach vacation) will be refunded by continuing the Chugim, with schools, in the month of July including the final performance (in an open place to the extent that it is possible) + intensive course days in August or discount for the next school year.  Flexible according to reality.


- Masks with the Studio logo will be for sale for 15 NIS each, to benefit the scholarship fund of Studio 6, with charitable receipts according to section 46א.


- The Studio will undergo cleaning and disinfection every day.  There is lots of AlcoGel, disinfectant wipes, and surface spray...everything is ready to begin! 


We are waiting for you... Let the dancing begin !


Teaching staff, front desk staff, Suzy Holtzer, administrator, Yael Turner-Grossman CEO  

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