Studio 6 - SIMPLY DANCE. We are back !

Research has shown that dance strengthens the body, corrects posture, increases confidence and makes people Step-Up

Prepare to take Center Stage in life and on the dance floor with the Studio 6 Team.  


Whether 6 or 96, new to the world of dance or a pro, Studio 6 is a dance studio that will allow you to be the Footloose dancer of.your dreams:

Classes in a variety of styles, from Jazz to Hip-Hop, Ballet to Breakdance, Flamenco to Modern, Zumba, Yoga, Pilates, Belly-Dancing, NIA or Broadway Jazz ... The broad selection of will have you Stomping in the Yard in no time ...

In addition - Seasonal Events, Street Performances, Dance Parties
and more...

Our professional team is waiting to introduce you to the magical world of movement! 


We offer yearly classes for ages 6 to 17 by level of achievement and open adult classes - come as you are.

Finally...  We are back !

Book your discounted class today !


 First-Step 4 classes workshops

in different dance styles!

April timetable:

*Be aware of changes

סטודיו 6 - הס6ודיו מבית עמותת גנ"ת 

דרך בית-לחם 7, מתחם התחנה הראשונה, ירושלים

077.786.6630  | ווטסאפ 052.502.6668 

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